Wire Rope & Winchlines

Our fully stocked and equipped wire rope fabrication shop can tackle even the most critical rigging applications. Whether its for the oil & gas industry, excavation, crane operators, tow trucks and roll backs, MRO or a simple winchline for an ATV, we can handle the job. All of our products are certified and tested to meet applicable standards. Please review our E-Z GUIDE to assist you during the ordering process.

Chain Fabrication & Assembly

If you are in need of a certified lifting chain, Grade 70 tie-down binder chain, cut lengths of Grade 30 Proof Coil or trailer safety chains, our chain shop can accommodate you. Our top quality components and careful fabrication get you the right chain products to get the job done. All of our chain products meet the applicable specifications, whether it be OSHA B30.9, ASTM J-684, API, Federal Military Specifications or DOT regulations. Again, please refer to our E-Z Guide to assist you during the ordering process. Our efficient chain shop is ready to get you the right products at the right price, in the fastest time frame.

Synthetic Fabrication

If its web slings or tie downs you are looking for, we have you covered. Light weight and durable, our nylon and polyester slings are useful in many applications. Our web slings are certified to OSHA B30.9 and are tested regularly to guarantee performance. A great option for when you need a light weight, high strength, non-abrasive, safe, low cost alternative to get a rigging job completed. Again, please refer to our E-Z Guide to assist you during the ordering process. Our custom synthetic fabrication team stocks and can sew all sizes up to 12” 4 ply web slings. Additionally, we can outfit you with custom lifting products to meet your particular application, whether its for lifting barrels, a 4 leg bridle or an Endless Round Sling. If you need it, we can sew it!!! 

Purple Plasma High Strength Rope Fabrication

These winchlines and slings offer a high strength, light weight alternative to wire rope. These ropes are hand spliced in house by our skilled technicians. Purple Plasma is great for river and oilfield applications and is one of the safest products on the market. They are not recommended for applications where there is abrasion or heat. These products are safe and rated for overhead lifting. 

Trailer Safety Chain Assembly

We are one of the largest trailer safety chain suppliers in the country. The reason for this is we realize that the “one size fits all” approach our competitors use just isn’t flexible enough for the trailer manufacturing industry. Made in accordance with ASTM J-684, our safety chains range from a 2,000# GVWR up to 45,200# GVWR, we can outfit your trailer with the proper length to keep your customers safe out there on the road. In addition to use in the USA, our chains are approved for use in Canada by CSA International.